Deliciously Innovative: Five Seasons Ventures gets a new look

Deliciously Innovative: Five Seasons Ventures gets a new look

Launched in 2018, Five Seasons Ventures (FSV) is a leading pan-European venture fund focused on food and food tech investments. FSV writes tickets ranging from 2 to €10 million for early stage to Series B. Founded by Niccolo Manzoni and Ivan Farneti, FSV’s portfolio spans pet food, healthy snack alternatives, plant-based meat and more.

A rebrand and website for FSV

FSV came to us in search of a rebrand and creation of a new site. They had kept the same logo since inception, almost 5 years ago, and it was explicitly tech-y. The brand narrative followed the story of tech being nature’s fifth season; a brand story which was no longer fitting since they began focusing on consumer products. Like their logo, their old brand colors were black, white and blue and had also remained unchanged since the fund was created. Their website needed an update as well; the messaging no longer applied to what they were doing. They wanted to move away from a tech centered image while maintaining the name and prioritizing their portfolio companies. So, what did we do? 

Bright and cheerful, like their portfolio

We kept all of the viable information and gave them a fresh look. We decided on the acronym FSV as their logo. We pushed for this because Five Seasons Ventures is too close in name to Four Seasons, the well-known international hotel brand. Having the acronym as their logo allowed for a shorter, more memorable and differentiable name. As for the color scheme, we gathered inspiration from the brands they’ve invested in; bright, fun, and colorful companies. We started off with a broad range of colors before landing on the current palette of green, purple, black, and white; a combination of colors that contrast well, and cohesively highlight the fund’s past investments. To tie it all together, we developed a new brand narrative, one more focused on food and less in tech. With there being four seasons in a year, the fifth one is defined by FSV as acceleration: Five Seasons Venture is the nutrient that helps food brands grow. Once we had all of the components sorted, we built a new site. Today’s site is a better and more accurate depiction of who FSV is as a brand. 

Don’t believe us? Check out the site here.

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